Hi everyone!  I want to invite you to our Good Friday Prayer Service that will stream live at 7pm on April 10th.  You can tune in on our website or on our YouTube channel.  I anticipate that this guided prayer service will last about an hour.  To guide our prayers, we will be using the Seven Last Words of Christ as they come to us in Scripture.  

As I talked about in my invitational video, there are some items that you may want to have ready in preparation for Friday’s prayer service:

  1. A bible.  We will be reading the words of Christ from the Scripture together.  You may also want to read different passages throughout the service.  
  2. A candle and a way to light it.  At the beginning of the service I will invite participants to light their candle, and towards the closing of the service participants will be invited to blow out their candle.
  3. A pad of paper and writing utensil.  Participants will be invited to listen to God’s Spirit and write down what comes to mind.  These will also allow for people to journal as an act of prayer during the service.
  4. A cross or picture of a cross.  A cross may help focus our prayers during Good Friday and remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice on a cross.
  5. A glass of water.  John’s gospel tells us that while he was on the cross, Jesus stated that he was thirsty.  This statement is a reference to Psalm 69, and it points to the physical distress Jesus experienced as well as the abuse he suffered at the hands of those who crucified him.  During Friday’s prayer service I will invite participants to take a drink of water in recognition of our physical frailty and God’s offer of goodness to us. In contrast, Jesus was offered vinegar wine, John 19:29.
  6. A prayer shawl.  Some people pray with prayer shawls.  I haven’t decided just yet if I will use one during Friday’s service, but if you want to use one be sure to have one ready.  If you do not own a prayer shawl you might consider using a large scarf or small blanket instead.

I also encourage participants to consider the following:

  • The space you will be in.  Consider how the space will engage your senses.  Will you use candles or a diffuser for aroma? Will you use natural light, dim light?  Will you have music playing or enter into silence? Does the room allow for any movement or different prayer postures?  Which brings me to this:
  • Engaging in different postures of prayer.  Perhaps God’s Spirit will lead you to pray on your knees.  Perhaps standing with your hands raised. Perhaps laying on the floor prostrate before God.  At times you may wish to use a prayer shawl, put your head in your hands or place your palms up, open and ready to receive a word from God.  As God leads, engage in these or other postures of prayer.
  • Inviting others to join us.  Perhaps you know someone who would find meaning in our Good Friday Prayer Service.  If so, please invite them to tune it. Be sure to send them a link to the live stream.  

I hope you are able to join us for a time of guided prayer on Friday at 7pm.  And as we continue on our journey through Holy Week, may God bring to our minds the deep love that Jesus has for us.  

Grace and peace to you.

-Pastor Abe