Dear brothers and sisters,

I write these words with a heavy heart as I reflect on the images that came to us earlier today from our nation’s capital.  After some time in prayer and in Scripture, I want to share with you a couple of the things that God pressed upon my spirit.

We are people of prayer.  Now is a time for us to be in fervent prayer before God.  Let us pray for God’s mercy on our nation.  Let us pray for God’s spirit of peace, unity and healing to pour onto our nation.  Let us pray for Washington D.C., our nation’s leaders, law enforcement and also for those inciting violence.  Let us pray for hearts to turn to Jesus and his ways.  Brothers and sisters, please pray with me for these things.

We are people of peace.  As I learned of the capital breach today, God’s Spirit brought these words of our Lord to my mind, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God.”  There is much division in our nation today.  God has called us to be bearers of the gospel of peace.  In our words and in our actions we can be people who build bridges. We can be ambassadors of Christ. Christ has marked us to be his people right where we are. 

I want to call us to prayer at this time.  I want to call us to the presence of Jesus.  Today’s events were scary and heartbreaking.  But I am convinced that God will strengthen us with courage and hope.  For we are his people.  Christ has made us His own. 

I thank God for you every morning when I wake up.  I lift you in prayer each night when I go to rest.

With great affection,

Pastor Abe