Here are the Gospel tunes that I reference in my sermon (March, 22, 2020).  I put them in the order that I reference them in the sermon. I hope these songs bring you to church like they do for me!

Rough Side of the Mountain (Rev. F.C. Barnes and Rev. Janice Brown, 1983).

Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around  (Albertina Walker, 1995.)

Here’s a version of the Civil Rights Anthem I mentioned: Freedom Road  (Blind Boys of Alabama, 2002)

He’s an On Time God (Dottie Peoples, 1998)

His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Whitney Houston, 2011)

Victory Is Mine (Dorothy Norwood, 1991)

You Will Never Walk Alone (Patti Labelle, 1985)  

And here’s the version that Elvis did:  You Will Never Walk Alone (Elvis Presley, 1971)

Oh It Is Jesus (Myron Butler, 2020)

What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Aretha Franklin, 1972)

Here are a few more songs on my Gospel playlist:

Oh Happy Day (The Edwin Hawkins Singers, 1969)

Keep Your Hand On The Plow  (Mahalia Jackson, 1963)  This is better described as a Spiritual, but it’s so good!  

Shackles/Praise You  (Mary, Mary, 2000)  And this one might be more R&B, but try not dancing when you hear it!

He Reigns/Awesome God (Kirk Franklin, 2002)  This tune has the added bonus of being a remake of the words from another fantastic Christian artist, Rich Mullins!

…Then there’s this: Selah (Kayne West, 2019)  That’s not a typo. Kayne West.  I know, I was skeptical too.  But praise God, there’s lots of truth in this album.