Dearest Emmaus Family,


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the One who loves us and has made us beloved children of God.


We find ourselves in a trying time.  The many responses to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) have greatly impacted the routine of our lives.  Yesterday, Governor Walz, along with Health Commissioner Malcolm, put forth new guidelines for communities from the MN Department of Health to help slow the spread of this disease.  The leadership at Emmaus is taking these guidelines very seriously.  In response, the Church Council, with the support of staff, has made the following decisions regarding our Sunday morning programs:


  • Starting tomorrow we are suspending all in-house Sunday services and Sunday programming.  This includes the suspension of in-house worship services, the suspension of all Sunday school programing and all other public gatherings in our building on Sunday mornings.  We request that people stay home for the safety of our community.

  • Starting tomorrow, we are offering live online streaming of our worship services.  This will be available on our church website.  You can go directly to the live stream page by clicking here.  The service will begin at 10am and you will be able to access it online at any time during the service, which we anticipate to last around 45 minutes.  The service will include typical aspects of our worship: call to worship, music, prayers, sermon, etc.  As with all things, I imagine that we will encounter some kinks here and there as we introduce this option.  So we value your patience and your input regarding your experience.

  • We will continue to post a podcast to our website after the service.  The podcast will continue to be posted after the service as we have been doing.

  • Giving:  We want to remind people of the different giving options available for the ongoing support of our church.  Options include giving on our website, by text, through mobile app, through your bank’s automated payment system and by mail.  You can learn more about each of these giving methods by clicking here.

  • Ongoing communications:  Decisions will be made in the coming days regarding the usage of our building, the availability of our programming as well as staff officing.  These updates will be communicated by email, on our Facebook page as well as on our website.  We can tell you that Community Meals have been suspended.  Further communication will come shortly about other events at church including WOW and Youth Group.

  • Trusted Information:  We also want to direct people to trusted and current information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  For information from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention click here.  For information and updates from the Minnesota Department of Health click here.

    Brothers and sisters, it will certainly feel strange, difficult even, to not gather in our sanctuary on Sundays.  But I am confident that we will find ways to create solidarity and unity nonetheless.  I am confident that our church will move into this crisis with the leading of Christ and with a determination to love our neighbors and to care for our church body just as we always have.   We will simply do so in new ways, led by God’s Spirit.

    This is also a time for us to share our needs with one another.  If we become sick or become scared, let us reach out and allow our brothers and sisters to comfort us and pray for us.  If we become lonely or we become depressed, let us reach out and let someone know.  During this time of needed distancing, let us find new ways to connect and gather together.  For we are not alone.  God pours into us a spirit of courage and not of fear, especially now.


    No power on earth or in heaven can possibly tear apart that which binds us together.  For what binds us together is God himself, through the power of His Spirit and by the love of Christ.


    May the tender mercies of our God be an ever present help during times of trouble, and may the kindness of Jesus confirm in our hearts that we are never alone, that we are, in fact, very deeply loved.


    With heartfelt affection,
    -Pastor Abe and Nathan Grawe (church chair) on behalf of the Church Council and the Emmaus staff