Dear Emmaus family,

As Covid-19 continues to spread within the country and now has reached Minnesota, we wanted to write and let you know about things Emmaus is doing in response to the illness.
In Christ we know a peace that shifts our lens in moments like these. While Jesus attended to physical needs and calls us to the same, these are not our eternal homes and so we can live life abundantly in spite of challenges, and extend the love of Christ to those around us. We pray for leaders and medical care providers, that they would be strengthened and made wise as they do their work. We pray for those who have become sick with the virus, for those who have died from the virus, and for the loved-ones who mourn. And we pray for God’s grace, that the world might be spared further harm by greater expansion of the epidemic.
At the same time, like you, we look to take common sense precautions to reduce the chance of spreading illness.  Some of the things we are already doing include:
  • Encouraging those who enter our building to practice washing their hands while present.  We will also have hand sanitizer on hand as it is available.
  • Continuing with increased vigilance our usual practice of disinfecting surfaces — wiping down tables, toys and the like.
  • Staff being in contact with county and local officials regarding best practices as things move forward.  For instance, we will take input about if and when it might be prudent to cancel some kinds of gatherings.
  • Requesting that you stay home and request that you keep children home if you/they are not feeling well.  We note that this particular illness is mild for many, but not so for others.
  • Asking greeters not to shake hands as they welcome people on Sunday mornings.  Similarly, we are asking that people forgo hand-shaking during the welcome portion of the service.
Over the next weeks, church staff and Council will be making plans and perhaps initiating additional actions.  This information will be provided by way of email, facebook and on our website.  If you have concerns or suggestions, please do share them with us.
As our community continues to respond to Covid-19, let us all be mindful of the ways that God may be calling us to extend the love of Jesus to our neighbors.  This may mean an additional donation to Minnesota Food Share or increasing how often we reach out to loved ones with encouragement and prayer.  In doing things like these we fulfill the law of Christ.  Ours is a loving God, “our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in time of need [so that] we will not fear” (Psalm 46).  We are thankful for these truths.
With deep love,
Pastor Abe
Nathan Grawe (chair of Church Council)