Needs and Volunteer Page

To our Emmaus members, attenders, neighbors and friends,

During this time of uncertainty and rapid change due to Covid19, we long to offer assistance to those in need and ways for those who have margin to offer their assistance to others. While there may be limits to what we can provide, we will do our best to use our resources and connections to help meet all needs that find their way to us. 


If you have a spiritual, emotional, personal, physical or material need, we ask that you contact the church via email or phone and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. Because our small staff is working at home as much as possible, we ask that you be patient with us as we get in touch with you.

Phone: 507.645.9480  

Pastor Susan Quinnell: [email protected]

April Schweickert:  [email protected] 

If you have a need for food or other material concerns and have not done so, we do encourage you to try contacting the Northfield Community Action Center as well @ (507) 664-3550.

Or, get more information and contact via their website: Northfield Community Action Center

If you would like assistance setting up an Instacart Account so that you may have groceries delivered from Cub, Aldi or HyVee, please contact Karen Nelson at 507.581.2254 or [email protected] and she will gladly assist you over the phone. 

If the need you are aware of is for someone other than yourself, we are happy to talk with you.


We are grateful for those of you who are looking to volunteer to support our church family and the Northfield Community at large. We have a wide range of needs within our church body for things such as prayer, supportive contacts via phone, errand running, baking and meal prep, financial donations and others – some of which we have yet to be made aware of. If you would like to learn about how you might support those in our congregation, please contact April Schweikert or Pastor Susan Quinnell. 

507.645.9480      April: [email protected]      Susan: [email protected]

We also encourage you to consider volunteering in our Northfield Community and we    recommend that you consider contacting any of these reputable organizations:

Northfield Community Action Center

Northfield Meals-On-Wheels

Red Cross – Minnesota Branches

Northfield Shares – Northfield Shares is a lesser known but outstanding organization that is supporting not only those with financial and physical needs, but also the frontline caregivers and the isolated and lonely.

Health and Safety

We want you to know that if you volunteer in a manner that will involve physical proximity to another person, Pastor Susan will ask some screening questions to ensure the well-being of all involved. This will also be the case with any of the organizations listed above.