Adult Sunday School


A Time of Prayer

We pray for each other and for the needs in our own lives, and in the congregation, community, state, nation, and world. We pray aloud. We pray in silence. We listen to each other and to the Holy Spirit. We learn because we listen.

Facilitator: Members of the Emmaus Prayer Ministry

Coffee Time

You are welcome to linger in the Narthex outside of the Sanctuary each Sunday (10:00 am during the school year; 9:00 am Summer) for a cup of coffee.


Adult Sunday School Covenant

  • We believe the Adult Sunday School class is a small group of the church. The goal of Adult Sunday School classes are to learn together, to better know Jesus and to follow him more faithfully.
  • We understand  Adult Sunday School to be a participatory learning experience. All who attend Adult Sunday School classes have a similar opportunity to be heard.
  • We will listen to the class facilitator and other class participants with respect. We will look towards and be open to understanding various perspectives of others
  • We will pray with and for others in our Adult Sunday School classes.