Dear brothers and sisters,

I learned of Daunte Wright’s death late Monday morning.  As details emerge, Daunte’s death becomes more and more heart-breaking to me.  Like many others, I have been processing this news with friends and family over the past couple of days.  We have shared emotions of anger, sadness, confusion.  We have expressed empathy for individuals involved.  We have shared our convictions of peace, our condemnation of violence.  We have asked what God’s justice might look like in our world and how we can become advocates for it.   

The news of Daunte’s death lands on us in different yet powerful ways.  However the news of this week has fallen on you, I want to call us once again to prayer as God’s beloved children.  Let us pray for Daunte Wright, his family, his community.  Let us lift them up to God and to His mercies.   Let us be in prayer also for former officer Kim Potter, who shot Daunte.  Let us pray for her family.  Let us pray for community and government leaders in Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis who will be asked to make impossibly difficult decisions.  Let us pray for those who protest, that peace will prevail and that violence will not.  Let us pray for police officers and national guard members, who will be called upon.  Let us pray for their protection.  Let us pray for God’s grace and God’s justice to shine.

Let me close this brief post by offering an invitation to you.  If you would like to participate in discussions centered around race and justice with others in our church body, you are invited to join our Tuesday evening Zoom meetings at 7:00pm.  These discussions are safe places for us to share, listen and learn with one another as we strive to become instruments of Christ’s peace and advocates of God’s justice in our world. 

With much love,

Pastor Abe