What can I offer?

Pastor Abraham Johnson

Abraham Johnson

I shared a story a few Sundays ago.  Perhaps you will recall it.  Back when I first became the senior pastor at Emmaus, I asked a number of folks in leadership what they hoped for from their pastor; what they needed from me.  I will never forget the way one of them responded.  This person looked at me and said, “I need you to be true to your calling.”

I remember feeling a tremendous sense of freedom when I heard those words.  I remember feeling then, as I also feel now, a sense of pride and honor about what God had called me to be and to do.  I felt that even though I was about to embark on a role I had never done before, a role that was new to me, I had a calming sense of my direction.  I believed that I had a compass in my hands.  

That is one thing that a calling from God provides each of us, a compass of sorts.  Today, and in the days ahead, I hope that you can find some confidence in the thing or things that God has called you to do and be.  I hope that it might provide you with some direction, especially if things are a little murky for you right now.  I hope that God’s calling on your life is a source of freedom for you.  And if you are not clear on what it is that God calls you to, I hope that God will, through the Spirit, speak to your heart about what it is that you are to do and be.  

What can we offer?  We can remain true to the things God has called us to do and to be.  

May the peace of Christ be with you this day.

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