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Pastor Will Healy

Will Healy

Whither Blogging

OK, so the stats on blogging are less than encouraging.  Depending on who’s counting, the following facts appear to be mostly true:

  • The internet is host to some 133 million blogs;
  • As many as 80% of blogs started are abandoned within the first month (meaning they have the life span of a fruit fly);
  • A survey of British taxi drivers, pub owners and hairdressers (“often seen as barometers of popular trends” according to Reuters) showed that 90% of said barometers don’t have the foggiest idea what a podcast is, and an impressive 70% live in blissful ignorance of blogging;
  • There are now 500 million active Facebook users, some 250 billion emails sent every day, and over 12 billion YouTube views per month worldwide (just to point out the volume of those vying for our already overtaxed attention).

It all adds up to a simple and obvious question: Why bother?

Well, at the risk of becoming the next fruit fly statistic, I thought I’d give this a whirl as a way of offering up some musings on the life of faith that don’t always fit (or find their way) into sermons.  And just like when I started a radio show on local AM radio (1080 KYMN) several years ago and promised never to play Neil Diamond–not ever–it seems prudent to make a few promises here at the outset:

  1. As the self-proclaimed “King of the Parenthetical Comment,” I promise to never post a blog without using at least one parenthesis.
  2. Here you will find only occasional references to my recently-born grandson Nathan (no more than once a week, promise).
  3. I won’t be running off at the mouth, here.  As my Dad always says, “Less is more.”
  4. From time to time, this space will be occupied by the words and wisdom of other members of our ministry staff, a welcome respite to be sure!
  5. Finally, I’ve decided to title this space Along the Road, a reminder of that poignant moment in Luke’s gospel when the resurrected Jesus appeared on the Road to Emmaus and met up with two of his confounded followers for a life-changing conversation.  Perhaps this blog will serve as an invitation to join me in reflecting on the ways my own “Emmaus Road” experience “changed a life forever.”  Do you suppose?

That should do it for now.  If I think of something else I’ll pass it along.  Meanwhile, welcome aboard…

Fondly in Jesus,

Pastor Will

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