Our Missionaries


David and Catherine Olson Prepare Ministries, St. Olaf College and Gustavus Adolphous College, MN

Prepare Ministries believes that the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is coming back. Our mission is to lead a generation of young people in preparing for His return. We want to see young adults and college students passionate to: know God in authentic relationship, grow in the truth and love of God, show and tell others about God’s love. We envision a generation of young people who are sold out to know God and help others to know Him. This generation will have a bold but humble call to holy living, an uncompromising stand for truth, and a passionate devotion to Jesus Christ. David’s ministry is conducted on the campuses of St. Olaf, Gustavus Adolphus, Carleton and Luther College.

Jonathan Adam

Jonathan Adam is the Project Director of Project: Restore. After an engaging study abroad in Thailand, Jonathan graduated and returned to Thailand to learn from and live with the local highland people in the mountains of the north. During his stay Jonathan was inspired by local lay community leaders who wanted restoration for their broken communities. Jonathan began to dream of ways that local communities could be better empowered using local people and resources. He later awoke with a dream that was Restore. Jonathan believes that together we can find, support and engage local lay community leaders working to serve their own communities. He primarily works with the Skaw Karen, Lahu, and Ahka peoples of Northern Thailand in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai Provinces.

Paul & Marlys Healy
Children’s Shelter of Cebu, Philippines

The Children’s Shelter of Cebu exists to glorify
God by demonstrating His love to the Philippines
as we provide a loving, Christ-centered home
with comprehensive medical, educational and
placement services for homeless Filipino children.

Emmaus Friends

This couple started their relationship with Emmaus when the wife was a college student in Northfield in the 90s, and later brought her husband along into this community!  They now live with their two children live in a large Asian city where he is an English teacher at a local university.  Their vision is to reach and disciple Asians for Jesus who will in turn be able to reach and disciple others, whether in a collegiate or community context (2 Timothy 2:2). Names excluded for safety.

Adam & Rachel Philips
Frontiers in Kazakhstan

The Philips have been serving in Kazakhstan for 15 years ministering in a rapidly expanding city, but focusing on both urban and rural outreach. They are involved with church planting, writing and cultural research. They have a heart for the many Muslims in their community.

Jim and Neileke
Wycliffe Bible Translators in Southeast Asia

Jim and Neileke are translating the Kimaragang language, producing Luke and Acts, and a music cassette hymnal and songbook. They are also working on a Kimaragang dictionary.


Caleb and Crhistina Suko and family November 2012Caleb and Christine Suko, Association for Baptist World Evangelism, Odessa, Ukraine

The Sukos are cultivating leaders to follow Jesus Christ by partnering with and encouraging existing churches through Bible teaching and discipleship. They are also busy raising their five children.