Jesus Toast

Pastor Abraham Johnson

Abraham Johnson

Jesus Toast. Have you ever seen this? One day, somebody dropped some bread down into the toaster and when the toast popped up there was an impression on the toast that looked remarkably like the face of Jesus. jesus toastThe person who made the toast took this as a sign from God, a miracle, a “God sighting” if you will. Personally, I’m not convinced this toast is a miracle from God. But it sure is fun to look at: Jesus toast.

Well, the concept has really taken off. You can go onto Amazon and buy a “Jesus toaster.” It’s a toaster that will make a burnt impression of Jesus on your toast every time you put the bread down. You can even buy a Jesus grilled-cheese sandwich maker (marketers call it a “grilled cheesus”). This way you can choose to witness your miracle before work or with the kids at lunch, and all for under $200. Not bad, really.

I’ve always gotten a kick out of this sort of stuff. Jesus images have been spotted on potato chips, in the shape of Cheetos, even on bananas. It appears (pun intended) that Jesus shows up on all sorts of food.

This will sound a little silly, but as a person who believes that God really does appear and show up in our lives, this food stuff always gets me thinking: if God did want to appear to me, how might God do that? Or, if God wanted to speak to me, how would I know? And, once God did get my attention, what sorts of things might God want to say to me? It’s funny how the stuff that I find funny always gets me thinking about serious things.

These are some of the questions that we’ll be exploring at Emmaus in our next sermon series that we have titled God Sightings. For the next four weeks the sermons at Emmaus will look at different stories from the Old Testament where God appears to people. Sometimes referred to as theophanies (a word I’ll unpack over the next four weeks), these stories can give us a glimpse into how it is that God might speak and appear to us today. We’ll consider four different people that God appeared to: Moses, Hagar, Jacob, and the prophet Isaiah.

So join us over the next four Sundays at Emmaus as we explore these four God Sightings. Hope to see you Sunday!

Grace and peace to you,

~Pastor Abe

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