Emmanuel, come quickly.

Susan Quinnell

If our lives are dry and parched, Lord, send the living waters of your Spirit    to revive us, to enliven us, to bring forth new life. Emmanuel, come          quickly.

If our times are empty and barren, Lord, grant us a rich harvest, send us      home with sheaves of blessing, fill us with your abundance, and teach        us to share the harvest with others. Emmanuel, come quickly.

If our bodies are weary and heavy laden, Lord, fill us with laughter; give      us shouts of joy; envelop us with your gladness. Emmanuel, come            quickly.

If our lives are small and trivial, Lord make us see great things, enlarge        our vision; widen our borders. Emmanuel, come quickly.

a prayer based on Psalm 126.

Christmas time and the holidays celebrated in our winter season can often be a time of sadness, depression, tension and loneliness for some rather than days “filled with great joy”. Relationships with family may be strained or a family or friend’s death may bring an empty place at the table. Or perhaps illness, changes in job situations or financial worries may have you uneasy and anxious.

At Emmaus, we offer our church and the Northfield community the listening and care of Stephen Ministry. Stephen Ministry provides trained lay persons who are willing to support and care for you through listening and prayer during times of transition, challenge, loss and need.

If you are feeling weary, empty, or parched this Christmas season, know that GOD WITH US is true and real for each one of us. If a Stephen Minister could help you walk through this time,  please call Pastor Susan on her cell phone 507-301-8987.

PEACE be WITH You this Christmas.  Pastor Susan

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