Call Committee Update

Pastor Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

What a glorious time we had at the Men’s Retreat January 3 and 4. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is for an interim pastor to discover that the men of our church are in passionate pursuit of a deep walk with God. The fellowship was wonderful and it was lots of fun getting to know the guys, but to watch and hear them share the quest was just amazing.

That parallels my discoveries about Emmaus leaders, Council and boards. I’ve had coffee with many of them and have gotten to sit in on many meetings and I’m deeply impressed with the quality of their leadership and dedication. They are concerned about the right stuff and are willing to work and serve to make Emmaus more effective as a God-honoring congregation. In this interim period between senior pastors, your church is in good hands.

Let me also give you a quick update about some of the processes underway in this interim. About the time I was coming on-board, the Church Council met with leaders of our denomination (The Minnesota Iowa Baptist General Conference) to understand the pastor-search process. The Council has subscribed to the P-3 process they have developed to facilitate our church as we define our needs and in recruiting our next pastor. At our mid-year business meeting, the outlines of that process were shared and the Nominations Board was charged to discover who might be on the Call Committee. Our Constitution requires a Call Committee of seven (three ex officio and four at-large, all must be official members of Emmaus). We asked the congregation to recommend individuals for the four at-large slots on the Call Committee. More than 50 recommendations were submitted and the Nominations Board has been working to narrow the list to provide balanced representation of Emmaus in the long process ahead. Nominations Board will bring their short-list to the Council on January 16 and we are on schedule hold a special congregational business meeting to elect the Call Committee on Sunday, February 2, after the second service.

The Call Committee will have the arduous task of defining our needs, posting the position, discovering candidates, assessing candidates fitness, conducting interviews, narrowing focus to one finalist, and hosting a candidacy weekend to introduce the candidate and recommend employment for a vote by the Emmaus congregation. I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify for those of you who aren’t quite sure that I am not a candidate for the position of Senior Pastor. I am only here to serve you during this time of transition.

We need your prayers for the challenging process ahead. Pray for God’s guidance in selecting the Committee. Pray also for the future Call Committee to clearly sense God’s leading in the search.

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